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Western Winter Wonderland
(Winter Mountain Pass Train Action)
ca. 70min|Blu Rai / 11/2011 (2008-2011)
When moist Pacific Ocean air collides with cold mountain temperatures, it creates an opportunity to see mother nature in her finest white dress. Railroads traverse these mountains by way of scenic routes and steep grades. Put winter and railroads together, and the result is something special: mile long freight trains braving white flurries, passenger coaches on mountain excursions, and small operators battling the elements. This is a Western Winter Wonderland.
Featuring: Stevens Pass, Marias Pass, Mullan Pass, Deer Lodge Pass, Canadian Rockies, Donner Pass, Shasta, McCloud, Pengra Pass, and Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad

Railroad Map
Run time 70 minutes.
Widescreen Natural sound, narration and music on Audio Track 1
Natural sound and narration on Audio Track 2
Natural sound only on Audio Track 3 Music only on Audio Track 4
©2008 - 2011 C. Marcam Productions
>>> WESTERN WINTER WONDERLAND II ist in Vorbereitung... <<<
Kommt glaube ich nicht mehr. Da diese Infos von 2011 sind und es seit dem keine weiteren Infos bezüglich diesem gab!

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Staples East

ca. 120min|Blu Rai / 2011
BNSF’s Staples Sub

is a part of the ex-Northern Pacific Transcontinental main line that stretches from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest ports of Portland, Seattle and Tacoma. The Staples Sub itself runs from Dilworth to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Following the route of US Highway 10, the staples sub is divided into two dispatching territories with the west end running from Dilworth to Staples. In this presentation, we cover the 128-mile east end from Staples to University Junction in Minneapolis.

Travel along the beautiful countryside of Minnesota where the Staples Sub encounters rolling prairies, unique city’s and classic small towns. Plenty of different types of trains are seen including Intermodal, Coal, Grain, Ballast, Crude Oil, Ethanol and General Freight. In addition to the freight traffic, passenger service is abundant with Amtrak’s Empire Builder and Northstar Commuter Trains that operate from Big Lake to Minneapolis.

You will be sure to enjoy the fast paced action of high-speed trains along this route. This is BNSF action at its best in BNSF’s Staples East!

©2011 C. Vision Productions

Running Time 2 hours,
Wide Screen (16:9) format,
Dolby HiFi Stereo Sound,
Narration on-off feature.




ca. 54min|DVD / 01/2012

This priceless collection of archival footage documents the trauma that Mother Nature and Murphy^s Law inficted upon Southern Pacific and how the railroad coped with these setbacks. Southern Pacific's own film crews created most of this material to display its effeciency and restourcefulness in times of stress.Now you can experience these challenges, from an earthquake on the San Joaquin Division in 1952 to the Raseville Yards bomb explosions of 1973. Flood, fire, derailments, and wworse - here`s what you´ll see in Tough Times on the SP:

Eel River Canyon. "The Christmas Flood of 1964" was a deluge that wiped out entire town along the South Fork of the Eel REiver and either sweot away nearly 100 miles of rails or left them dangling along the cliffs like giant garlands. It took 177 days to repair what nature did in hours.

Recovery of the 8946. In 1971, a derailed train crashed down the mountainside on Donner Pass. You´ll see how 3 bulldozers and a pair of locomotives hauled the damaged engine uphill and back onto the rails.

Trestle Fire on the Great Salt Lake. In 1956, a fire burned 645 feet of trestle, putting the Lucin Cutoff out of service. SP and Morrison-Knudsen cooperated in repbuilding the trestle and SP crews laid 650 feet of new track in just one week.

Earthquake on the San Joaquin Division. In 1952, the second most severe earthquake in California´s recorded history damaged tunnels and destroyed tracks. Yet 25 days later the tunnels were daylighted or by-passed and the tracks were restored.

Flooding along the Rio Grande. In 1954, one of the worst floods in Texas history stripped away tracks and soil, trapping the Sunset Limited. But two days later 559 men and 88 pieces of equipment were at work putting back what nature had washed away.

Explosion in Roseville Yard. In 1973, a train carrying over 7,200 bombs caught fire and soon the bombs began to explode. Shrapnel flew for miles around. The town of Antelope was destroyed. Unexploded bombs were found up to a mile away. Remarkably, no one was killed and six days later SP´s yard was rebuilt enough to resume service. You´ll see the explosions and aftermath.


Return to Steam

ca. 60min|DVD / 03/2012 (1991-1992/2012)

It´s December 1991 and former AT&SF steam locomotive #3751 has returned to Santa Fe mainline. She´s heading up a 4-day maiden excursion after years of restoration effort. Her journey is going to take her from Los Angeles to Bakerfield via Cajon and Tehachapi Passes and Pentrex is with her to capture the thrill of big steam on the rails!
The San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society had purchased the Baldwin-built 3751 in order to restore and operate the oldest surviving example of Santa`s Fe 4-8-4 fleet. So before we begin our California Limited adventure, we`ll take you back to 1986 to show you the move from the 3751`s resting place at Viaduct Park in San Bernardino to the California Steel Industries site in Fontana where SBRRHS volunteers performed the majority of the restoration. Following that historic move, we`ll fast forward to the Successful break-in runs of August 1991 and show what countless man-hours and dedication had achieved.
The December 27 maiden voyage of this restored locomotive was a fabulous success. The engine powered a recreation of the California Limited passenger train, celebrating the 99th anniversary of the original train`s debut. Leading the excursion from Los Angeles to Bakerfield and back via the stiffgrades of both Cajon and Tehachapi Passes, the 3751 performed flawlessly. Two FP-45 diesel locomotives, #97 and #95, in dazzling Warbonnet paint scheme, were coupled behind the steam engine as helpers. They were a beautiful sight but it was the 3751 that thrilled the spectators lining the route. Pentrex brings you trackside to experience all the excitement of this momentous event. You`re bound to enjoy every minute!



ca. 95min|DVD / 06/2004

Have you ever passed a track gang and wondered what all those machines actually do? Here's your answer and more. You'll visit a tie replacement and surfacing gang to witness the amazing parade as it progresses down the track. Closeup shots explain what each machine does. Then you'll tour a major shop to see in detail how coal hoppers are built. Next you^re off to view undercutting machines cleaning ballast on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe.
Did you ever wonder what it's like to work as a dispatcher? You'll visit a Norfolk Southern facility where the chief dispatcher explains the operation. Returning to BNSF, you'll see one of the most awesome pieces of railroad equipment: the P-811 concrete tie layer. This gigantic device lifts welded rail from the ties and forces it to both sides of the machine. It then removes old ties from the right of way, replaces them with new ones, and puts the rail back in place, all in one continuous movement. It's an absolutely fascinating, complex apparatus. You're sure to enjoy this and all the other exotic equipment that are workin' on the railroad!


Über die BNSF Cajon Sub von San Bernardino nach Barstow

Cover Aussenseite

Cover Innenseite

ca. 65min|DVD / 09/2012

Wenn es eine Pilgerstätte für die Freunde der amerikanischen Eisenbahn gibt, dann steht der Cajon Pass in Südkalifornien an erster Stelle. Zwei Autostunden von Los Angeles entfernt bietet er in wunderschöner Berglandschaft im Schnitt 80 Züge in 24 Stunden un d das bei meist gutem Wetter.
Die erste Strecke über den 1150 m hohen Cajon Pass wurde schon 1885 erüffnet. Der Scheitelpunkt liegt am Cajon Summit der 10 km langen BNSF Cajon Sub von San Bernardino nach Barstow. Ein grosser Teil der ursprünglichen Streckenführung ist als Main 3 (Main = Hauptgleis) mit bis zu 3 % Neigung heute noch in Betrieb. Mit dem zweigleisigen Ausbau (Main 1 & 2) der 1913 hinzugefügten Streckenführung über die Sullivan´s Curve stehen seit 2008 auf der Cajon Sub nun drei Streckengleise zur Verfügung. Mit der zum Teil parallel zur BNSF verlaufenden Mojave Sub der Union Pacific bietet der Cajon Pass lebhaften 'Zugbetrieb auf vier Gleisen.
All das wurde im April 2011 vom ersten Morgenlicht bis zur Abenddämmerung mit der Kamera eingefangen, wobei neben dem Schwerpunkt um Hill 582, Cajon Summit und Summit Valley auch der Streckenteil in der Mojave Wüste entlang der Route 66 in packenden Szenen festgehalten wurde.


Combo DVD
- Above Southern California Rails
- Above 3751 Over Cajon

ca.117min|DVD / 03/2002

Here combined on one DVD, are two programs that lift you up info the skies above Sothern California for an incredible look at railroading as you´ve n ever seen it before!
Above Southern California Rails.
Soar skyward to enjoy sweeping panoramas, pace speeding locomotives, and get incredible aerial views of long, curving trains. Skim over the blue Pacific Ocean as you folloew Amtrak and BNSF freights along the "Surf Line". Check out the newly-rebuilt BNSF yards in San Bernardino and examine UP´s West Colton Yard. Race the Talgo trainset at it travels through the Los Angeles area. Then swing over to the harbor for a bid´s-eye view of container operations and the new coal faciity. Yoz´ll get a perspective like no other!
Above 3751 Over Cajon
Santa Fe steam engine 3751 traveled over Cajon Pass on its way to Sacramento for Railfair´99 and Pentrex was aboard the train, on the ground, and in the air to show you this mighty locomotive from every angle. You´ll see spectacular views of Sullivan´s Curve, Mormon Rocks, the climb up to Summit, Mojave Narrows, and fast running across the high desert to Barstow. As you pace alongside the 3751 and hover over freight trains as they meet the steam special, you´re railfanning from the ultimate chase vehicle!


Gateway Sub
Klamath Falls to the Famous Keddie Wye

ca. 112min|DVD / 2009
BNSF Railway´s Gateway Subdivision stretches 203 miles between Klamath Falls, Oregon and Keddie, California. This remote line traverses the semi-arid high country of extreme nothern California meeting Union Pacific´s route through the Feather River Canyon at the famouse Keddie Wye. The southern Cascades and northern Sierra Nevada mountain ranges offers both scenic vistas and many challenges for railroaders who work here. Shot in beautiful Hi-Definition in all seasons, our cameras show trains pounding the daimond at Stronghold, enduring icy winter conditions at Lookout, climbing mountain grades of up to 2,2% near Almanor and nearly staling while climbing out of the Feather River Canyon!


ca. 165min|DVD / 05/2012
Southern California Rail Journal 2011 takes you on a whirlwind tour of great SoCal railroading hotspots to bring you the action seen here from January to December, with all new footage not found in any other show. Our pursuit took us to interesting locations from Riverside to San Bernardino, Imperial, San Diego, Kern, and Ventura counties. We'll visit Tephachapi and Beaumont Hill; the Salton Sea and Winterhaven near the Arizona border; and Cajon Pass during snowstorms and sunny days.
The great action we captured along the way features everything from a 1913 Konsolidation running on the Fillmore & Western to an Ultra modern "Sprinter" on the former Santa Fe Escondido Branch. Steam was also on the rails here Ion 2011. Former AT&SF 3751 and UP 844 made special appearances, as did four of UP's Heritage Units, each one the point of ist train. Plus, the Ringling Brothers and Barum & Bailey Circus Train is seen traveling through the scenic beauty of Anton Canyon and Miramar Hill. All that and a lot more is yours to enjoy in this entertaining visual memoir. Come railfaning with us in Southern California Rail Journal 2011!

ca. 108min|DVD /
Im Central Colorado where the Great Plains meet the Rockies, trains battle a short, stiff grade to the Continental Divide. Denver business man David Moffat spent his entire fortune building this engineering marvel.Although he never lived to see its success, this strech of track was instrumental to the growth of Colorado and remains a busy main line today. Part of Union Pacific´s Denver Area, this former piece of Denver and Rio Grande Western track is known as the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we will cover the east side between Denver and the Moffat Tunnel. Watch trains wrap around Big Ten Curie, climb through the rugged Tunnel District, and disappear under the ontinental Divide through the famous 6.2 mile-long Moffat Tunnel. Cresting the Rockies at over 9,000 feet, this is highest active mainline in North America. Coal traffic is king on the Moffat Tunnel sub, with loaded trains heading east to Denver and empties returning west. The stepp mountain grades require additional locomotives in the middle and rear of eastbound coal trains, creating a fantastic show of horspower. Beides coal, mixed Manifests from both UP and BNSF plus Amtrak's California Zephyr make a daily appearance. There's nothing like mountain railroading in the Colorado Rockies!
This program was shot between August and October, 2012.
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